Victor Adéwálé is an award winning photographer, film producer, and event curator based in Lagos. Shaped by his early interests in literature and music and having grown up in the city of Lagos, he uses photography to visualize the stories that matter most to him but are not popular in the traditional media in Nigeria. His work is human-centric, introspective, and reflective of his community and contemporary social and environmental issues.

Some of his works have been published in local and international media including Okay Africa, Nataal, Rest of World. He is one of the photographers that contributed to the documentary film “Marked,” released on Netflix in 2021, and was part of Obscura’s “The World Today” 10k+ project, the largest NFT photography commission ever made.

Victor is a member of the African Photojournalism Database (APJD) and Diversify Photo. He is a recipient of the Prince Claus Seed Award (2021) and Foundry Workshop Golden Scarf Award (2021)

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